• Q.What could e-wash be used

    A.e-WASH is basically made from water. For more details, please refer to the link below. Does water remove dirt? ] Mamahapi staff tried cleaning with super alkaline ionized water "e-WASH"!

  • Q.Where can I buy e-WASH?

    A.e-WASH is sold from our sales EC site (E-plan Amazon site only), so you can purchase it from here. 【E-PLAN Amazon site】

  • Q.Can I use logo or products name?

    A.It is strictly prohibited to use it without permission. If you wish to use it, please be sure to inform our staff.

  • Q.What is Super Alkaline Ionized Water?

    A.Strong Aalkaline Ionized Water with a pH of 12.5 or higher, which is produced by removing fine dust and chlorine, and passing cleanly purified tap water through a special electrolysis tank with an ion exchange membrane.

  • Q.What does pH12.5 mean?

    A.It is a hydrogen ion index, which is a physical quantity that indicates the liquidity (degree of acidity / alkalinity) of a solution, and is represented by the symbol pH. When the pH of the aqueous solution is less than 7, it is acidic, when it is greater than 7, it is alkaline, when it is around 7, it is neutral, and the lower the pH, the higher the hydrogen ion concentration. When the pH decreases by 1, the hydrogen ion concentration increases 10 times, and conversely, when the pH increases by 1, the hydrogen ion concentration decreases by 1/10. The pH of the aqueous solution is generally in the range 0-14. Generally speaking, hypochlorous acid water with a pH of 2 or less will rust iron and become tattered. In addition, strong alkaline water with a pH of 12 or higher is dangerous, because it causes chemical burns to the skin when touched with bare hands.

  • Q.Isn’t SuperAalkaline Ionized Water dangerous?

    A.Both strong acid water and strong alkaline water are mixed with 5% or more hydrochloric acid and caustic soda to raise the pH. Therefore, it becomes a dangerous solution with high concentrations, and care must be taken when handling it. On the other hand, super-alkali ionized water is extremely thin water with a concentration of only 0.1% of the electrolytic substance (K2CO3), which is strongly alkaline with a pH of 12.5 due to a special electrolytic substance. Therefore, it is not irritating to people, and is safe for both people and the environment. By the way, liquid in which caustic soda and synthetic surfactant are dissolved in tap water at 0.1% has no effect as alkaline ionized water, such as cleaning, sterilization, and rust prevention.

  • Q.How is it different from drinking alkaline ionized water?

    A.The difference in pH. Drinking alkaline ionized water in PET bottles has a pH of 8 to 9.5, and household alkaline ionized water generators have a maximum pH of about 10.5. At this pH value, it is insufficient for cleaning, sterilization, and deodorization. By the way, if you dilute super alkaline ionized water with pH 12.5 with tap water (pH 7.5) 100 times, the value will be 10.5. In other words, super-alkali ionized water is 100 times more powerful than household generators.

  • Q.Is it okay to touch it with my bare hands?

    A.A general alkaline ion generator uses sodium chloride (NACL salt) for electrolysis, but if it is generated at a high pH value, the salt will dissolve on the alkaline ionized water side as well. The dissolved salt corrodes the washed metal and irritates the human skin. Super alkaline ionized water is electrolyzed using potassium carbonate (K2CO3). Since the salt concentration is zero and the amount of dissolution is as small as 0.1%, iron is not corroded and is less likely to rust. It is non-irritating to human skin and is safe for infants.

  • Q.Does it smell?

    A.It is completely odorless. It is water in which a very small amount of electrolytic substance is dissolved, creating a pure and odorless waters

  • Q.Is it okay for pets and babies to drink it?

    A.Potassium carbonate, an electrolytic substance used in super alkaline ionized water, is a food additive, and is used daily in ramen (Chinese noodles) such as "Kansui". Since there are no synthetic surfactants or chemical substances, it is safe for babies and pets to lick floors, carpets, sofas, etc. after cleaning.

  • Q.Does it function as a detergent?

    A.Super-alkali ionized water is a small cluster of water that penetrates the interface between dirt and an object, wraps the dirt in ions, and separates it from the object. It is used at room temperature for normal cleaning, but when used as a cleaning liquid for parts washing machines, etc., if it is heated to about 60 degrees, dirt such as oils and fats can be effectively cleaned. It has sufficient detergency as a substitute for detergents with high concentrations of surfactants and caustic soda.

  • Q.Does draining affect the environment?

    A.If you run a concentrated detergent of caustic soda, the organisms that live in the rivers in the basin will die, and if you run a detergent of synthetic surfactants, the rivers will be polluted, and hedro will accumulate in the sea and cause marine pollution. Super Alkaline Ionized Water does not pollute rivers. The drainage standards * COD and * BOD are zero. When flushed, it is diluted by river water, the pH becomes neutral, and it returns to natural water. Of course, it is a natural measure to separate the waste liquid from oil, before drainage.

  • Q.Doesn’t it cause air pollution or global warming?

    A.Since it is "water" rather than a volatile solvent, it does not cause any air pollution. It does not fall under any of the laws and regulations such as the Water Pollution Control Law, Air Pollution Control Law, Groundwater Pollution, PRTR Law, VOC Regulations, Organic Solvent Poisoning Prevention Regulations, and Fire Service Law.

  • Q.Contact Us

    A.If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.