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Friendly to both people,
and the environment,
aiming to create a better world.

replace synthetic detergents that impose health hazards, and environmental pollution, is alkaline ionized water, which is said to be an invention of Japan. However, when alkaline ionized water uses salt as an electrolyte, chlorine gas is generated during production, which may corrode metals and directly lead to health hazards. Alkaline ionized water has a pH of about 10.5, and its detergency is insufficient to replace synthetic detergents. Its rust preventive power is also weak. Focusing on the need for practical alkaline ionized water, we started research and development of super alkaline ionized water (trademark, with a pH of 12.5 or higher. Compared to conventional alkaline ionized water, it can contribute up to "100 times more cleaning and sterilizing power than synthetic detergents”, "while eliminating health damage to humans, and preventing global environmental pollution" due to the absence of chlorine. .. We are confident that the introduction of patented super-alkali ionized water will replace costly cleaning methods, and reduce their use. We hope that you will see the patented super alkaline ionized water as a new cleaning water, to protect human health, and the global environment as a whole.