SAIWWhat is Super Alkaline Ionized Water?

What is Super Alkaline Ionized Water?

"Alkaline ionized water" is a common name for alkaline electrolyzed water, produced by electrolyzing water, and is used as drinking water, washing water, and disinfectant water. In recent years, particular attention has been paid to its use has been paid to it’s use as washing water. The production method and properties differ depending on the manufacturer, but what we know we have in common, is that they demonstrate the same abilities as detergency, without the need for detergents. It is being introduced in many fields, as a cleaning method that is friendly to both people and the environment. E-plan's "super alkaline ionized water" is based in pure water, and does not use salt (NaCl). E-plan's original electrolysis technology produces hydrogen ions (pH 12.5 or higher) maximizing reduction potentials. Strong alkaline electrolyzed water. ""Safe and secure"" cleaning and disinfecting cleaning water, that does not contain surfactants and harmful chemical substances, contained in general detergents and cleaners, is friendly to people and the environment, and is used in all fields from home to business. "


High safety

"Soaps" and "cleaning agents" that are generally sold, contain various chemical additives including synthetic surfactants, and are considered dangerous, due to their high toxicity, permeability, and persistence. It is said that these dangerous factors can lead to rough skin, rashes, eczema, etc., and when absorbed into the body, can cause symptoms such as liver dysfunction, carcinogenic support, and decreased blood components. Colorless, odorless, non-irritating super alkaline ionized water contains only trace amounts of inorganic electrolytes and water. Therefore, the content of environmental pollutants, such as chemically synthesized substances and BOD / COD, is zero, and it does not cause underground pollution or water pollution. Furthermore, it is not subject to regulations, such as the PRTR Law, VOC Regulations, and Fire Service Law. A safe cleaning environment can be attained, without worrying about ignitions or explosions. As a result, it is friendly to both people, and the environment, and boasts high safety standards.


Excellent detergency

Super alkaline ionized water is optimized for cleaning. It is a super-alkaline ionized water with a pH of 12.5 that has raised the alkalinity to the utmost limit. Although 99.9% of the components are pure water, it has a cleaning effect equal to, or better than that of synthetic detergents. pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions. Ordinary tap water has a pH of around 7, and alkaline ionized water, sold as drinking water, has a pH of around 9. Super alkaline ionized water has a pH of 12.5 or higher, which is 100,000 times more alkaline than ordinary water. However, there is no chemical burn or skin irritation, because it is a special ionized water that contains a lot of electrons (negative electricity), not a dangerous alkali such as caustic soda that shows the same alkalinity. In addition to this, it has a strong decomposing and sterilizing effect on oil, so it has been widely used for industrial and commercial applications, such as cleaning equipment and parts.


High sterilization effect

At a hydrogen ion concentration of super-alkaline water (pH 12.5 or higher), microorganisms cannot grow, so food poisoning bacteria will die in 30 seconds. As well as preventing water rot. Super alkaline ionized water has a redox unit of more than -900 mV (at the time of formation). Oxidation and reduction work on objects. When oxidized, metals rust, plants wilt and discolor, and animals grow old and become frail. The act of preventing this, is called reduction.


High rust prevention effect

Since super alkaline ionized water does not use salt (NaCl) as an electrolyte, it does not contain any chlorine ions that cause corrosion. Therefore, it is possible to fully demonstrate the rust preventive effect, that is a feature of strong alkaline ionized water.
[Iron rust prevention test]
It does not rust for a long time in super alkaline ionized water with pH 12.5 that does not contain chloride ions. The passivation film formed on the metal surface even in a dry state, keeps the rust preventive effect active from anywhere between several days, to several weeks.