SAIW WASHEREnvironmentally Friendly Washer


Environmentally Friendly Washer

At E-plan, as well as a washing machine that has no environmental load by combining super alkaline ionized water and a washing machine, we develop and manufacture a variety of specially designed equipment that meets the customer's cleaning needs and hygiene measures, while prioritizing environmental friendliness.

  1. Box-type injection cleaning device suitable for three-dimensional cleaning work


    Box-type injection cleaning device suitable for three-dimensional cleaning work ECO-WASHER A box-type injection cleaning device suitable for three-dimensional cleaning work. The super alkaline ionized water stored in the tank, is heated by the heater function, and continuous injection is performed from multiple dedicated jet nozzles arranged on the top, side, and bottom, and the turntable is rotated to perform excellent cleaning in all directions of the work in a short time. I will do it at. The rinsing process is also cut by performing cleaning, sterilization, and rust prevention with one solution of super alkaline ionized water without using synthetic detergent. The ATP test and sterilization test, which are compared with the cleaning method using a general detergent cleaning solution, have been highly evaluated, and contribute to "improvement of manual work" such as disassembly cleaning of food factories and cleaning of industrial parts. .. ■ SAIW heating jet injection type, circulation cleaning, rotation type cleaning stage ■ Cleaning, degreasing, sterilization, and rinsing are integrated into one process to save labor, shorten time, and save water. Overall width: Approximately 1,400 mm-Depth: Approximately 1,470 mm-Height: Approximately 2,250 mm- Three-phase 200V (10kw) ■ R-70 Applicable work size within φ700 mm, height within 450 mm ■ R-90 Applicable work size within φ900 mm, height within 550 mm ■ R-120 Applicable work size within φ1,200 mm, height within 550 mm


  2. Clean thin plate processing oil, dust, laser processing dross, and oxides with pH 12.5 super alkaline ionized water! No need for manual cleaning after processing!

    Metal sheet washer

    Punching of metal sheets, pressing, processing oil, dust, fingerprints, etc. after laser processing are passed through, and cleaning, degreasing, and drying are performed speedily. High-quality cleaning is possible with one pass for dust after burring and deburring. In addition, the rust preventive effect and redox power of super alkaline ionized water maintain the quality of the product even after cleaning. We provide high quality, high efficiency, safe and comfortable working environment. ■ Applicable work size: Supports 90 mm or more in the traveling direction and 1,000 mm or less in the horizontal direction ■ The thickness of the plate to be cleaned is from 0.5 mm to 9 mm. ■ SAIW jet injection type, variable roller cleaning, circulation cleaning, MSW dedicated energy-saving work drying, heating heater setting: normal temperature to 70 ° C ■ One-pass cleaning and drying of deposits after punching, pressing, and laser processing ■ Suitable for processed members with protrusions on the surface such as burring and members with holes ■ Prevents rust generated from the cut surface of metal by the rust preventive effect of alkaline ionized water Overall width: Approximately 1,740 mm Depth: Approximately 1,020 mm Height: Approximately 1,480 mm Three-phase 200V (10kw)


  3. Utilization of super alkaline ionized water / environment-friendly type 3D parts cleaning / drying BOX

    3D parts cleaning / drying BOX

    A switchback type washer that cleans the work brought into the washing room, drains it, and returns to the work set stage. A large amount of super alkaline ionized water heated to 40 ° C to 60 ° C is sprayed onto a three-dimensional workpiece to wash away oil and contamination stains. Since the cleaning liquid is a circulation type, it reduces the amount of industrial waste. It is a next-generation cleaning machine that can efficiently perform cleaning work of small LOT with one worker. ■ SB200 Applicable work size Width: 400 mm Depth: 400 mm Height 200 mm ■ SB500 Applicable work size Width: 500 mm Depth: 500 mm Height 500 mm ■ Switchback type work transfer, SAIW heating jet high pressure injection type, multi-angle air drainer ■ One person can perform everything from cleaning parts for small and medium-sized LOT production to draining. ■ The set work is automatically carried into the washing room, and after the washing is completed, it returns while draining. Overall width: Approximately 1,000 mm-Depth: 1,350 mm-Height: Approximately 1,500 mm- Three-phase 200V (8kw ~), air supply


  4. Cleaning Liquid Circulation Reuse Unit


    AQUES is a cleaning liquid recycling device, that eliminates the need to replace alkaline cleaning liquid. Aques serves as the final treatment for cleaning fluid filtration. The fine filter mechanism of 0.05 μm blocks the oil content of the emulsified cleaning liquid, which was difficult in the past, and continuously returns only water and detergent components to the cleaning tank. A certain amount of dirty cleaning liquid is extracted from the water tank of the washing machine, and after passing through floating oil recovery and sludge removal pretreatment purification, a final filtration of 0.05 μm with a UF membrane is added to continuously produce a reusable cleaning liquid. Cycle back to the washer. The amount of waste liquid can be reduced up to 99%. We will provide great contributions and results to ISO and corporate eco-action. ■ Continuous circulation separation filtration method, oil resistant UF membrane (0.05μ), concentration tank capacity 200ℓ ■ By continuously pumping dirty water from the cleaning liquid and refilling it from filtration, the inside of the washing machine's aquarium is maintained in a dirty state where the quality can be maintained. Overall width: Approximately 530 mm Depth: Approximately 920 mm Height: Approximately 1,350 mm AC100V (0.75 kw) ■ AQ-15 standard processing flow rate 15 liters / hour ■ AQ-30 Standard processing flow rate 30ℓ / 1 hour ■ AQ-45 standard processing flow rate 45ℓ / 1 hour


  5. Helmet sterilization / deodorizer


    It is a spray-type washer that sterilizes, deodorizes, and cleans the germs, odors, and dirt that are of concern to Melmet, which is used every day, in just 5 seconds. It does not contain chemicals or hazards, and it has a refreshing feeling like washing with super alkaline ionized water, which is kind to humans, and sterilization that inactivates viruses at the same time. Multi-spray is also useful for space sterilization and uniform sterilization and deodorization. ■ Center stage: Injection type cleaning nozzle, air injection nozzle ■ Multi-spray: Variable angle injection nozzle ■ Compact design saves size and effectively utilizes space ■ Power is only air supply, no power supply is required. ■ When combined with a compact size air compressor, it is also useful for outside on-site work. Overall width: Approximately 810 mm Depth: Approximately 640 mm Height: Approximately 440 mm